Day 41-42 Km 700-722

Boat Harbour Camp site . What is there to say . I suppose I could summarise by saying that beauty comes with a cost . By this I mean ,that the amazing ocean also comes with clouds of mosquitoes that bit us not only through the night , but also through our bug proof head nets and through our clothes . Sadly we awoke to the realisation that we now do infact resemble a mash-up of Quasimodo, the Elephant man and a plastic surgery disaster . Except without any of the nice bits . 

Melanie had taken her sleeping bag outside in the hope that the colder air would discourage the little blighters , but no such luck , she just ended up with both damp spirits and a damp sleeping bag . We breakfast and depart the Boat bay hut at first light , and aim for a relatively cool 14km to Parry beach .

 The dawn is resplendent , glorious , splendid , full of the fierce firmament that can bring one closer to truth and purpose . We walk together in this light and acknowledge the splendour and power of this place .

 As we leave the stunning beach track , we find our way once more rising up into the high dunes and along the peeks (and troughs) of this journey.  Dragon flies fill the air this morning , and we are treated again to blossoms and blooms that are again new and varied . 

 We disturb white tailed Cockatoos who craw at us , I spot my fifth tiger snake , and Melanie scores her third sighting , so the scores sit at 5-3 now . Melanie also spots another blue mouthed lizard , which I resolutely refuse to add to her score card .

 As we come over the last tall dunes the temperature really starts to soar , and we are glad of our water breaks . The tin rooves of the campsite throw up dazzling reflections and offer us a twinkle of  promise , but the map says we are still 3km out , and sure enough the pathway once again takes us on a merry jig . 

 The wild flowers here are truly special , the sprays of colour appear as bouquets , and we both love the company of colour as the last meters dissolve and we find ourselves in the calm,kind and cordial campsite at Parry beach .

 The volunteers there at the beach are ACE , they lend us a big tent to keep the maddening flies off us , and they charge us the Bibbulmun rate (5dollars each) , so we enjoy our hot showers and sock washing session soo  much more knowing that we are not being ripped off .

 We spend the whole afternoon reading our kindles and sleeping . After the mosquito madness of last night we need all the catch up we can muster.


 Day 42 

 A relatively short 10km down the beach to William Bay camp site. A beautiful early morning , that slowly descends into a soft sand slog for a few kilometeres before normal service is once more resumed , and we are treated the beauty of Green pools and Elephant rocks , which are both stunning enclosed rock pools .

 Huge dark rounded boulders sit in aqua marine waters ,kids jump off the rocks , and we wander up the beach attracting smiles and ‘Gdays’ from the locals , who are obviously impressed by our laid back hiker swagger . 

 Later we find William Bay Hut at the very very top of another slippy sand dune . We set ourselves  down to snack , sleep and read through the hottest part of the day . Today it was 30*degrees for sure . We are grateful to the Bibbulmun for having huts and water the whole length of this track , the last few days it would have been impossible without them .
 This afternoon we will meet up with Adam, an old friend of mine , who I met whilst paragliding in the Himalayas . We plan to go for a swim with his family at Elephant rocks , and then head to the farm for dinner . The thought of eating anything other than powered soups , 2minute noodles and powdered mash potatoes fills both Melanie and I with such excitement that we fear we may become suddenly emotional and break out in tears .

 We have had a smashing time on the Bibbulmun , learned lots , grown a fair deal and have memories to last a lifetime. One day , after the mozzy bites have healed i’m sure we will look back and laugh . We are grateful to have shared this pathway together and grateful to have shared this pathway with you .

We are not sure as it stands if we will do the last section from Denmark to Albany . But if we do , you will be the first to hear about it .

 Much love .

Melanie and Ian .

(She Oui and Jukebox)

4 thoughts on “Day 41-42 Km 700-722

  1. Well done, thank you for sharing it has been fantastic and a bit of a guilty pleasure as you have done all the hard work, though rewarding, and we have had all the pleasure. The photographs are amazing and I can only imagine how stunning the real thing must have been. Hope to see you sometime. Much love ,
    June &Andrew xx

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  2. Big greetings and many thanks it’s been a real pleasure following along on your memory making awesome 😎 walk about…. To repeat myself the pictures and your words Ian made it easy to get sense on feeling the moments …. Thank you’s for sharing…. πŸ‘πŸ‘£πŸ€
    Arohanui from Nella πŸ’πŸŒˆπŸ₯‚πŸ’•


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