Day 40 Km 687-700

We wake up on the beach , surrounded and outnumbered by swarming hordes of Mozzys . We had managed to get our head nets on during the night , so fortunately we didn’t end up looking too much like a Quasimodo/Mike Tyson mashup. However Melani has picked up so many bites on her legs that she does resemble a dot-to-dot colouring book .

 We eat breakfast as the sun races upwards into the sky ,and enjoy the early morning seagulls gliding over the beach . Its not a big walk today , just a dozen or so kilometeres to Boat bay hut , where we plan to eat , siesta and swim . So we make a move .

  The first kilometeres today are over rugged rocks and boulders . The pathway holds tight to the coastline and we are treated to beautiful vistas of the surging blue sea . It explodes into life along this seashore casting white foaming spray high into the air . Melanie talks about the feeling of spaciousness that this fresh sea air gives . How it seems to reach into the lungs and fill them so completely. We wander on enjoying a wonderful start to the day .

 The coastal track leads us up amongst new flowers and birds , once again the Bibbulmun track has delivered . Its rich and varied tapestry continues to impress me .

 We know that we are blessed to be on this track , to have this time together , that we are deeply privileged to be able to afford time , resources and energy to complete this walk . Its not always easy to remember this fact in the hurry of our journey through life , but today , as we walk along the beach together , in the company of a half dozen , noisy, white tail Cockatoos , I experience a sense of perspective that allows me to be thankful for these days we are sharing . They have bound us together through a shared direction , a shared goal , and equally , shared challenges . I feel that we have done our best to navigate these challenges with integrity, maturity and with kindness , and I’m so happy to be able to see that today .

  We move inland , and suddenly not only does the temperature rise dramatically , but also as the wind drops , we find ourselves covered in a blight of a thousand thousand thousand flys .

Its horrendous , and there is not a metaphor or witty piece of prose that I can come up with that can adequately express the abominable, horrendous , disgusting , loathsome ,maddening sence of inner turmoil that these horrible little menaces can provoke .Arggggggghhhhghghhhggg !!!!!!!!

The pathway snakes along the high dunes , sometimes it feels as though it’s been designed by a strange and twisted sadist , someone who gets off on teasing us with the hope of the hut being just over the next hill, but all we find every time , is …. Another hill .

 We also enjoy the rugged and windswept coast line . Its an outrageously picture perfect part of Australia , the only thing we realise that you don’t experience while dreaming over the pictures is ,of course, the flies.

 We trail in an extra kilometre, as an attempted short cut goes astray and we end up stood outside some composting public toilets instead of our hut for the night , so we have to grab the map one more time , before we hike over the very very last hill , swat away the very very last flies and settle into the hut for the day . Its not even 10am yet , it seems strange that we hiked 15km before lunchtime. But I guess we are now lean mean hiking machines .

 Our day slowly dissolves into a long blown out lunch , and a Kindle session that would make a librarian smile . 

 Dennis the menace arrives at the hut later on , and we go for a little swim down at the picturesque beach . 

 We get to bed early , just In time to avoid the flies , but not it seems in time to avoid the Mozzys ! 

2 thoughts on “Day 40 Km 687-700

  1. Kia ora to The lean,mean hiking machines lots of hills and ton of flies nah can’t say that i’am sensing the bliss but would truly agree with the right to feel super annoyed.Hope your night was restful… Be well,Take care🍀🌈👣


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