Day 39 km664-686

I feel like leaving today’s entry blank .. in honour of it being such a ridiculously magnificent day that it was truly beyond words. 

 But , you know me , I like a challenge . 

 So there I was at 6am in the morning , trying not to notice that the resplendent dawn was just as good as last night’s sunset , humbly trying to sort out the mornings ablutions , when up pops a pair of soft dark eyes amongst the lilac bushes. 

 She is just the picture of dawn , and so I shake my tail feathers and high tail it back to the hut for my camera . I spend twenty minutes with her that would have made a ‘Vogue’ model jealous . I love clicking a good snap , who doesn’t , but the most satisfying ones always seem to be in the early morning , as it often leaves me with a sense that I have already managed to achieve all that I need for the day . I feel like I’ve been the early bird and that I’ve got my worm already , if you know what I mean. 

 Well , I managed to pull myself away , so that I could share breakfast with Melanie , and we talked over our plan to do a little hike down to Peaceful bay this morning . Its just a 10km hike and we plan to try and get a swim in at the bay , and maybe visit the caravan park shop , get an early night and get ready for a big day tomorrow .

 We nail the short walk before 10am and find ourselves down at the beach before the sun has got to high in the sky . Melanie takes a full twenty five minutes to get fully into the water . I show tremendous restraint not to splash her with the ice cold southern arctic waters . The things we do for love ey !? 

 By lunchtime we are at the Peaceful Bay campground shop , which I believe is run on the guidelines set out by the late Dick Turpin (Englands most infamous highway robber) . We had fish and chips (wich cost us over 35bucks (with no drinks)) It wouldn’t have been so bad if the shop owner had softened the blow , by even trying to smile at us , but i guess it’s hard to be nice when your only in it for the money .

 We sat on the porch and looked at out options , looking at the map , and talking to another hiker we have met called Dennis , we decided that it would be a good move to head onto the trail and knock some kilometeres off of tomorrows trail , and cowboy camp somewhere on the beach tonight.

 We rested through the midday sun , and just after 2pm we set off towards the Irwin inlet , where we hoped to find a kayak to portage ourselves and our stuff across the water . Turns out we did alright there too !!

 On the way we are treated to a first encounter with a pelican , he cruises past us in the blustering on shore winds , and hovers around us , dipping and gliding with the practised skills of a master . We are hypnotised by his grace and power.

 The pathway winds on , lower now , following the water line , taking us closer to the kayak crossing .

 Melanie charges off in the first canoe and heads back towing three more , as we have to leave vessels on this side of the river for other hikers to use on their hikes .

 We throw our packs in the back of the vessels , and enjoy the sense of ease that river travel always offers . I love paddling about .In no time we are both safe in the other bank , and getting our packs back on . 

 The sun is on its way down , and we start to see a few wild Roo’s , grazing in the cooler afternoon light . I snap happily away and enjoy the connection that my photography is bringing me today . 

Im already in mid air and shouting when I realise that I have just spotted my fourth tiger snake of the trip so far , so currently the score is officially 4-1 to me , but it’s not a game either of us is enjoying very much , as it’s far to over exciting and full of such awful swearing that neither of us is very proud of our selves.

We are starting to see large groups , or ‘mobs’ of kangaroos now . Neither of us have ever seen anything like it before . As we cross over the crest of these old wooded sand dunes we set off mobs of up to a dozen Roo’s . They all head off across the wide open planes and it looks truly majestic to see them bound effortlessly across the green and golden grasslands.

Not all the Roo’s are behaving quite so majestically though , Melanie spots a couple who seem to be having a ‘piggy back race ‘ . 

Melanie spots a wild Emu with her two young , and we are in awe , as we watch them cross the fields in front of us . Then as we look on , we see the plains below us are literally full of Roo’s . They begin to disperse as soon as we begin to walk down the pathway towards them , but as they do the spectacle is quite indelibly stamped in my mind’s eye .

 I have seen some of the best sights if my life this afternoon . Its hardly sinking in at all , I feel that my nature connection battery is at full charge , and that I’m just about fizzing with the static energy of life .


Later on our way to the beach , we come across a grumpy Roo, a big male who won’t let us pass along his part of the Bibbulmun track , we retire for a while to have our camp supper in the last golden red rays of the sun , hoping he will hop off by the time we are ready to continue . Of course , he is still there when we return , so we have to beat around the bush to keep him happy .

 Half an hour later , we pop out of the dunes to share an endless kaleidescope of sunset colours . Its a fitting end to a tremendous day of adventure . We watch the colours fading into the stars and wander along the beach still glowing inside from the days highs. 

 Later tonight we will throw down our sleeping bags and inflate our mats , nibble on chocolate and count shooting stars and space satellites . The ocean crashes on and on and on and on .. Tongaroa dreaming , Hine Moana weaving .. soothing the tired muscles and taking us back to the beginning , back to the place where these lives , and all life began . 

Oh , I do like to be beside the sea side , oh , I do like to be beside the sea ..

5 thoughts on “Day 39 km664-686

  1. Such a lovely blog, and the photos are amazing. Beach all to yourselves and a swim enjoy the rest of your adventure. Can’t wait for your next posts. You are both looking so well. Take care love you both x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow the magic of this walk about the pictures speaks add Ian’s words and they connect me (speaking for myself) it’s easy to sigh from the beauty and wonder of it all… Mel the joy on your face tells me you’re getting heaps of soul food nourishment awesome Ian I have yet to meet you happiness shines off you… make tracks, happy feet …Arohanui 👍👣🍀🌈🚶


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