Day 37 Zday 

  A short bus trip today from Northcliffe to Walpole . 

 We stopped the night at a magnificent Hostel , known as ‘Tingle all over’ YHA . Its a reference to the local trees , which are know as tingle trees . The rooms are well kept and the quiet garden is lovely , the kitchen has a little hiker food swap box , and I would recommend bit to anyone walking the Bibbulmun , or doing a road trip around the coast . It’s great ! 

 The warm hearted patron even gave us a lift up to the Forest walk way to start our hike into Denmark .

 So we are back in the trail ..

3 thoughts on “Day 37 Zday 

  1. Hope you both get to meet some Tingles, they are very ent-ish….. Denmark, very much a “spiritual connection” for me there, I hope you enjoy it too, where the forest meets the sea… and under a beautiful southern sky. /|\


    1. Thanks for the positive input mate .. we are loving this journey . Its been truly challenging , and very rewarding . Nature has been so truly amazing .. the big ancestor stones up north in the hills on this track are still strong in my mind .. we made a smoking ceremony down at tom road hut to give gratitude to the ancestors of the land , also to our own family’s .. its a truly magical place .. just south of Donnelly river.

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  2. Showing appreciation and respect with your ceremony has created for you’s special sacred memories …That sure must feel good …Walk in sacred steps 😃 happy feet😊😃🚶🍀


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