Day 32-33 Zdays 

 We have had a blissful couple of days at the pemberton YHA , it has a lovely back porch to watch sunsets from , it has a smashing kitchen and nice clean rooms . 

 We have eaten almost our own body weight in leafy salads and strawberries and I was able to enjoy a pint of Australia’s Ginger Beer (a most delightful distraction) .

 We spent one of our Zdays charging up to Bunbury on the bus , to quote Melanie “gosh that was a crazy mission!” . We had to take a 3 an a half hour bus journey to get Melanie a new pair of walking shoes , we had to get the bus back the same day , which left us less than forty minutes to get a taxi to the town centre , get the shoes fitted and get back to catch our return bum-numbing bus .

 All went smoothly , even when Melanie almost lost her Kindle , but that is another story ! 

 We got back to the YHA and made ready for our next leg of the journey to Northcliffe , which is about 60km away , so we are both quite relaxed and ready to go .

3 thoughts on “Day 32-33 Zdays 

  1. wishing for you great comfort and all the best with your new shoes Mel seeing as the fun time experienced to get them ( the 🚌 ride) sounds like the plane ✈️ ride lacking comfort.. take care, be safe…Arohanui from Nella💐🚶


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