The Bibbulmun


  The first post : 

 It’s actually a prologue as we are yet to be on the trail . We have packed , unpacked and repacked our packs and discussed at length ( in somewhat serious tones ) the kind of foot wear that we will employ . We voted in favour of treking poles and against toe socks . Melanie is bringing her Ukulele and I am bringing a typewriter , so we can indulge our creativity .

 We left an empty house and the front door keys yesterday in a place that we won’t return to live , which seemed appropriately final , a sense of a new beginnings that this Spring time offers us . We are excited as a pair of lambs as we bus from Hamilton to Auckland airport in the grey rain.

 We find we need an ‘eTA’ when we go to drop off our bags . There is some confusion for us , we can either apply ‘free’ online and fill out pages of personal questions , or go to the Quantas desk , flash our passports and credit card details and pay $50 each for an ‘electronic Transit Application’ . Melanie and I discuss and discuss our disgust at the way in which our culture is slowly transforming into an impersonal money grabbing machine.

 We share our feelings about a possible ten hour stop over in Melbourne airport and I decide for the first time to use the smartphone to book a hotel . I find a reasonably priced room and show Melanie the place before I confirm .When they sent the confirmation it turned out that their Melbourne is in Fort Lauderdale in the USA . I think that’s possibly the most distant and disconnected mistake I’ve ever made in my life . I laugh out loud .. shake my head to think I’ve just blown $100 in the USA and try again . The confirmation of our Airport Hotel room in Melbourne AUSTRALIA comes through , just as the airport tanoi annouces that our plane is cancelled . So I’ve a room in California , a room in Australia , but tonight we are definitely sleeping in Aotearoa . 

 We finish some Scrabble and shake our heads .

 A reasonable amount of chaos follows as 200 unhappy Jet Star customers are given conflicting instructions and placed tired ,confused and sweaty in the glare of the airport baggage collection hall , then made to wait whilst we are all completely ignored .

 We score a cheap room in a local motel , sleep well and find ourselves having a superb breakfast at Auckland airport.

 Tommorow we may even get to Perth . There we can start our adventure , the gentle and colourful walk that we have planned for the last six months . The Bibbulmun track 1000km from the Perth hills to the South Coast .

 The Bibbmun Nyoongar is the name of the local Aboriginal folks who walked this land in celebration . I have heard about ‘walkabouts’ . The word always evoked some mystery and an excited sense of wonder . 

 The distinctive yellow triangular trail marker depicts the ‘Waugal’ (prononced woggle), which is a symbol of the rainbow serpant . An Aboriginal ansectoral totem for the expansive, primal  Earth energies that forged the land .


The Pathway Ahead

5 thoughts on “The Bibbulmun

  1. The adventure has begun. Woo hoo !
    Loved the bit about the Melbourne hotel. Ha.
    All good here Ian. In Te Anau with me bro finishing off the book illustrations im doin.
    hugs to you and your “main squeeze”.


  2. Well I see you have made an early start to your adventure!!! So I can see this is going to be a fun time for you both, shame about the hotel in USA!!! Take care love you both. XXXX


  3. Hi Ian and Mel, this is so exciting and i look forwardto going with you in spirit. I have just got back from a month in Maine and had to spend a whole day in JFK for my connection so I can sympathise with your plight. Good luck, take care, we will be thinking about you both and look forward to more posts when you have time and can connect. Much love to you both. J & A xxxx


  4. Wow loved reading this the first post really interesting and funny had a giggle or 2 about your adventure already yet you haven’t left 🇳🇿 New Zealand…Look forward to the next post…Take care, be safe….Arohanui from Nella 👍🌈🍀😘


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