Day 41-42 Km 700-722

Boat Harbour Camp site . What is there to say . I suppose I could summarise by saying that beauty comes with a cost . By this I mean ,that the amazing ocean also comes with clouds of mosquitoes that bit us not only through the night , but also through our bug proof head […]

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Day 40 Km 687-700

We wake up on the beach , surrounded and outnumbered by swarming hordes of Mozzys . We had managed to get our head nets on during the night , so fortunately we didn’t end up looking too much like a Quasimodo/Mike Tyson mashup. However Melani has picked up so many bites on her legs that […]

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Day 39 km664-686

I feel like leaving today’s entry blank .. in honour of it being such a ridiculously magnificent day that it was truly beyond words.   But , you know me , I like a challenge .   So there I was at 6am in the morning , trying not to notice that the resplendent dawn was just […]

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Day 38 648-663km

 We post the tent off to Albany this morning . Its an extra 3kg that I won’t miss over the last ten days that we are in the Bibbulmun. We have decided to do two more shorter sections from Walpole to Denmark ,and then from Denmark to Albany . We will add a few more […]

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Day 37 Zday 

  A short bus trip today from Northcliffe to Walpole .   We stopped the night at a magnificent Hostel , known as ‘Tingle all over’ YHA . Its a reference to the local trees , which are know as tingle trees . The rooms are well kept and the quiet garden is lovely , the […]

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Day 34-35-36 Km 590-648

Day 34 We are on a relatively short leg this morning , just three days of walking and two nights on the trail . We have a bunch of good food and some treats , so we are feeling fine as we walk the length of Pemberton and head out to the edge of the […]

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Day 32-33 Zdays 

 We have had a blissful couple of days at the pemberton YHA , it has a lovely back porch to watch sunsets from , it has a smashing kitchen and nice clean rooms .   We have eaten almost our own body weight in leafy salads and strawberries and I was able to enjoy a pint […]

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Day 28,29,30,31 Km 488-592

Day 28 We planned to walk out of Donnelly River Village early . But it rained , so we found ourselves snugged up by the fire in the little shop , eating chocolate and Cheese toastys . Their are some things in life that can only be overcome with chocolate , I believe that this […]

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Day 27 Zday Photo Special

A showery day at Donnelly River Village . We ate another ham and cheese toasty , a nice slice of carrot cake and a super quiche . We played a game of Scrabble with Spambo and I ran around in between showers and clicked away at the local wild inhabitants of the Village .  I […]

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Day 26 Km 466-488

We had an early start today . The lazy brook that sits just outside the Hut was in my dreams all night and soothed away many of the aches and pains of the track .  After breakfast we were up and about . It was a lovely feeling to whisper about , and tiptoe around […]

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